Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is the list of frequently asked questions with their answers. We have tried addressing most of the common queries related to school level Olympiad exams.

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What are Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad examinations at school level are competitive examinations, based on the school syllabus, which is conducted through various independent organizations.

These exams give exposure to students about competition and make them ready to face any competitive challenge that would be thrown open to them in the future.

Importance of Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad Examinations help to identify a child’s capability and assessment of his/her real potential in competing in today’s world. They also bring out the areas needing attention so that proper orientation can be given in areas lacking proficiency. In a nutshell, they are a platform for realistic assessment to prepare a child to face the modern competitive world.

Who conducts these Exams?

There are many Olympiad Examinations are happening all across the year. These exams are conducted through various organizations.
Below is the list of some of the famous organizations who conduct school level olympiad/diagnostic exams in India:

  • Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
  • SilverZone Foundation
  • ICAS - Macmillan Education
  • ASSET - Educational Initiatives
  • Unified Council
  • Eduheal Foundation

I want to conduct these exams at my school. What should I do?

If you are interested in conducting olympiad exams at your school, please contact the organisers of the exam. For your reference, we are specifying their contact details.

  1. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
    • Phone: +91-124-4951200
    • Email:
    • Website:
  2. SilverZone Foundation
    • Phone: +91-11-26166210 / 11 / 12
    • Email:
    • Website:
  3. ICAS - Macmillan Education
    • Phone:
      • North (Noida) +91 - 120-4000100
      • East (Kolkata) 033-22834481
      • West (Mumbai) +91-22-42152803
      • South (Chennai) +91-44-30915100
    • Email:
    • Website:
  4. Unified Council
    • Phone: +91-40-24557708
    • Email:
    • Website:
  5. ASSET - Educational Initiatives
    • Phone: +91-79-66211600
    • Email:
    • Website:
  6. Eduheal Foundation
    • Phone: 011-26161014
    • Email:
    • Website:

Information presented here is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of the reader. Information presented on this site is believed to be accurate but not warranted. Most of this information is taken from the public domain and/or from exam organizer’s official website. We do not certify the authenticity of information that originates from third parties. Readers are advised to check with the organizer for updated information.

Is there any specific subject for which these exams are conducted?

There are various olympiad exams are happening throughout the year and they are conducted on various subjects. Below are the major subjects in  which these exams are conducted:

  • Computer / Cyber / Informatics / Digital Technologies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Mental Ability and Reasoning
  • Hindi

My school is not conducting Olympiad exams. Can I participate individually?

Normally, these Olympiad examinations are conducted through school only and, if your school is not participating you have a very limited option for appearing in these exams.

As per our knowledge, this year; Unified Council is allowing direct participation in NSTSE exam from selected cities.
Please visit for more details.

How to prepare for olympiad exams?

Most of the Olympiad exams are conducted on the similar syllabus that Kid s are studying at school. It means that they do not require additional reference books for the preparation of these exams.  However, at the same time questions asked in these exams are quite different than what Kid s learn in the school.
Questions are trickier and conceptual.

To excel in “Olympiad Exams”, it is essential for the students to understand the exam pattern, evaluate and prepare themselves on the Olympiad standard questions.

There are many Olympiad preparation sites are available. You can evaluate their offering and cost and select one.

We will suggest you should look They are one of the oldest and trusted organization. They have topic-wise concept videos along with more than 1700+ Olympiad standard practice questions.